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Friday, May 07, 2010

C Grade Championships - Reminder of draw and times

Dear All,
Please see below the order of play for this weekends C Grade Club Championships.
If anybody has any problems please contact me as soon as possible.  The cost is £10 per person regardless of how many matches/events you are playing in.
Friday 7th May
6pm - Michael Carlton v Tim Tomalin
Saturday 8th May
8am - Ian Whittaker v Calum MacLean
9am - Carlton or Tomalin v David Fox
10am - Whittaker/MacLean v Carlton/Tomalin/Fox
11am - David Dobell and Michael Carlton v Andrew Millar and Kevin McCourt
12noon - Pam Tomalin and Henry Thornton v Millar and McCourt/Dobell and Carlton
Sunday 9th May
9am - Peter Buckley v David Dobell
10am - Jeremy Gummow v David Ruck - Keene
11am - Buckley/Dobell v Ian Glyn
12noon - Gummow/Ruck-Kenne v Woodward
1pm - Buckley/Dobell or Glyn v Gummow/Ruck-Keene or Woodward
2pm - Tim Tomalin and Ian Glyn v Andrew Woodward and Peter Buckley
3pm - Simon Nickson and Willie Clegg v Tomalin/Glyn or Woodward/Buckley


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