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Monday, May 21, 2007

Historic Pau Court Partially Re-Open for Real Tennis

The old court at Pau in France has been partially re-openeed to RT players on Sundays only. The more people play, the more court time RT will have versus the game of Trinquet currently played during the week. So have a trip down and play. For more details see the article on IRTPA site. ( Click the TITLE on this post ). Here is a picture of the Pau Court ( nice colour ! ).

Addendum : The court will be officially open on the 10th of June 2007.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Handicap Singles 2007 Video

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Charlotte Cornwallis Interview with Chris Evans on Radio 2

If any of you were tuned in at about 6.45pm on Friday 21st April you'd have heard Chris Evans interviewing Charlotte Cornwallis as a prelude to the Ladies British Open and the World Championships in Manchester.

Its a great interview.
( Its a 4MB MP4 file so be patient )

T&RA Newsletter

The T&RA have started an e-Newsletter : With a new e-newsletter we are launching a new-look website, located at our usual address, E-newsletters should allow us to give you more information at a lower cost than mail-outs, although the cherished Annual Report will continue to be published as usual.
Launch of our New-Look Website : Here is the new-look Tennis and Rackets website. You will be able to keep up to date with the latest tournament draws, results and events in the worlds of Tennis and Rackets.

They would like to know what you think, and also what you would like to see on the site - there is a feedback form.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Handicap Singles Photo Gallery

Marmoy Wins Handicap Singles

The members of The Oratory Tennis Club competed last weekend for the most coveted trophy of the season – the Adrian Snow trophy for the Handicap Singles tournament. Callum McLean and Andy Woodward, both reached the semi final stage. In his quarter final Andy had defeated Ian Glyn in a match dubbed “The Battle of the Titans” with two strong, hard hitting players confronting each other. Andy won through narrowly with good strategy, shot selection and change of pace. Callum then met Club Captain Colin Butler who has always got through to the latter stages of this tournament, but the handicap difference was too much for Colin to cope with and Callum handled his railroad serve very well. Richard Marmoy, who has only been an Oratory member since the beginning of this season, but who has played all over the country, had one of the most gripping quarter final matches against the holder Fergus Brownlee, who made a slow start and allowed Richard to get to 5-1 before he started his recovery. A magnificent effort took the match to 5-5, but Richard held on to reach his place in the semi-final, where he put Callum McLean under considerable pressure with some good chases to reach the final. Tom Povey, who had played with great consistency all through the tournament, succeeded in disposing of Brian Lambert and Andy Woodward on his way to the final. This was a very evenly matched affair with some long rests and some excellent retrieving from Richard which deservedly won him the title.

Quarter Finals
T Povey beat B Lambert 6-2
A Woodward beat I Glyn 6-5
C McLean beat C Butler 6-4
R Marmoy beat F Brownlee 6-5

Povey beat Woodward 6-2
Marmoy beat McLean 6-3

Marmoy beat Povey 6-4

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Simon Booker

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sayers & Smith Reach Qtr Final of World Doubles

Somewhat belatedly please see this excellent coverage of Bryn and
Ricardo's performance in the World Doubles in Boston.

Quarter-Final: (4) Gunn & Rich Smith vs. Sayers & Ricardo Smith 6-4, 6-2, 6-1

In what the pundits had called the closest match of the day, No. 4 seeds Rich Smith and Ruaraidh 'Wesson' Gunn took the court against a 'team for the future' Ricardo Smith and Bryn Sayers. In front of a packed Hamlen room, this much anticipated match had all the prerequisites for a classic - powerful forcing, great retrieving, outrageous volleying and lightning exchanges. The younger pair chose the interesting time of 0-5 on the scoreboard to open their account, but the 4 games they rattled off in that set (with points for 5-5) to slightly unnerve the seeded team, turned out to be the most they garnered in any set. Gunn was sublime in defence and considered attack and Newport head pro Smith brought his A-game to this big event, and they shut down any aspirations Sayers & Smith had of going to the later stages of the tournament by repeatedly overcoming deficits in games and making their opponents earn every point. Great tennis, but unfortunately more one-sided than hoped, Gunn & Smith 6/4 6/2 6/1.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Club Handicap Singles, Draw 2007, 11th-13th May 2007

Friday 11th May - Oratory
15:00 S Whittaker, M Keogh, C MacLean, S Booker
17:30 D Fox, M Carlton, G Johnstone, S Nickson
20:00 B Nickson, R Boughton, A Woodward, J Lambert

Saturday 12th May – Oratory
09:00 I Whittaker, M Allaway, S Baxter, M Box
11:30 C Butler, T Green, I Glyn , A Wagner
14:00 S Brownlee, I Wood, B Lambert, T Tomalin
16:30 P Tomalin, P Harding, T Povey, T Huelin

Saturday 12th May – Hardwick
09:00 F Brownlee, M Brooksbank, C Harding , M Seymour
11:30 K Weston, C Gordon, B Lambert, G Brooksbank
14:00 S McGivern, G Craig, M Brown, J Gordon