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Monday, October 23, 2006

Autumn Ultimate Doubles

This event was held on the 21st/22nd October with 8 pairs in the 30-40 handicap range and 8 pairs in the 40-50 range.
The 30-40 group was won by Eric Walker and Steve Kendell who beat Mike Allaway and Paul Knox 6/5 in the final.
The 40-50 group was won by David Fox and Kevin McCourt who beat Ian Wood and John Kennedy 6/3.
The results have been entered onto RTO giving (probably) our first set of doubles results and handicap changes. All matches were played off level and were one set with 40-all (no deuces).
In the 30-40 group, of the 16 matches, there were 8 Wins (2 big wins!), 4 draws and 4 gave no result.
In the 40-50 group, there were also 8 Wins (one big win and one handicap win although the match itself was lost), 3 draws and 5 gave no result.
There were many good matches overall with some very promising doubles play. Of the 32 matches, 8 went to 6/5 and 6 to 6/4. Only one match was 6/0 with only 3 being 6/1.
There may be another event in the Spring. Please contact if you are interested but did not play this time.